Our Association's New Name
Speech And Language Therapy Singapore



What is SALTS?

We aim to be the voice of Speech and Language Therapy in Singapore.


Our mission is to build alliances, skills and standards by:

- Communicating the role of the association

- Facilitating resource sharing

- Representing the profession





A New Year, A New Start

Speech And Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS). Our community of SLT members voted in our new name at EGM 2015 held 7th November.

Since the EGM, the committee has been concentrating on processing new memberships, working on reports for the Annual Report, putting together the next TIC, planning for the AGM as well as gathering interest for Special Interest Groups. We are also working together with designers for SALTS new look and feel. You would have noticed a lot more activity on our Facebook page. Please like us to get updates! We will also be working on getting a new website with updated features. Drop us an email at enquiry@shas.org.sg if you're interested in lending a hand!


Sign Up for FREE Membership 2016

To celebrate our new identity as SALTS, and to recognise that in order to be strong, we need every hand on deck, the committee has decided to offer free membership for 2016 to anyone who signs up and is eligible for membership.

Please go to our Membership section to find the membership forms for renewal or new applications.

We wish to thank everyone who has been instrumental in seeing SALTS through to this day, and want to encourage everyone to join in this important journey of building SALTS up to be strong and formidable!

Nominations for the New Term


This year marks the end of the two year term for the 2014-2016 committee. We are happy to receive nominations for all the seats on the committee.

For 2016-2019, as the process of rebranding continues, the work of the committee will be to support the day-to-day operations of the Association, as well as find ways to increase the effectiveness of the running of its operations. On top of that, various portfolios will work on various projects that are in line with rebranding. Memberships and Publications will continue to work on automating their processes and merging their processes with the new website platform. Vice-President Strategic Planning as well as Vice-President Operations will work together with the President to see through the rebranding processes as well as create a more durable leadership continuity plan. Outreach, Professional Development and Public Relations will work together to oversee the formation and maintenance of Special Interest Groups, as well as professional development opportunities. Treasurer and Secretary will continue to support the team to ensure good financial management, clear documentation and the alignment of activities with current processes and policies.

Please look out for information on how to nominate potential SLTs for committee positions. Louisa, our team’s secretary, will be sending information out real soon!



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Hot Deals!

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Also, visit their Resource Centre to access information on:

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Address: No.11 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547532

3rd Level, ACCESS Building


For more information, contact them on resource_centre@awwa.org.sg  or  65115310.